Easier to use.

Why the need for Lotus?

All other ultrasonic scalpels work using longitudinal movement – this results in the most efficient energy being lost out of the distal tip.  It’s very much like a handsaw with the teeth in the wrong place.

Longitudinal scalpels

Whilst stray energy is lost out of the distal tip, only weak frictional energy is created between the jaws.

Torsional movement – Lotus

Using torsional ultrasound, Lotus directs the powerful energy towards the target tissue – where the surgeon needs it. This rapid energy transfer makes Lotus faster, safer and easier to use.

Grasp – Seal – Cut

With powerful energy directed to where it is needed, the tissue proteins rapidly denature and form a strong seal. As the jaw closes, the central blade cuts through the tissue, resulting in fast, haemostatic transection.




Dissecting Shears

Sub Total Hysterectomy


Dissecting Shears

Anterior Resection


Liver Resector

Cirrhotic Liver Resection


Liver Resection

Laparoscopic Liver Wedge Resection